Product Design Intern: DLS

Conversational UI
Accessibility Design

During the summer of 2018, I had the incredible honor to work with the Design Language Systems team at USAA. I designed and shipped UI components, and led a research project on Conversational UI. I also won the Intern Innovation Challenge in the 2018 cohort for designing a branded voice assistant concept.
Due to my NDA agreement, I am not allowed to show the visual work that I did during the 10 weeks.

UI Component Design

I led a component design project that allows users to switch from the the legacy version of the website to a preview of the pilot version. Due to the broad usability of this component, I had to conduct numerous internal and user research, especially understanding how it fits into each product team's UI. I reached out to 10 product teams that manage a multitude of products to understand how such a component could improve a user's experience and their understanding of what's to come.

During the design process, I had to make sure that these teams stayed in the loop about design decisions, while also keeping all designs up to accessibility standards (AA or higher).

CUI Research & Application

I led a research project on conversational UI and corporate CUI identity. During this process, I researched the areas of usage, and accessibility, of CUI and human interaction with chatbots at USAA. I applied my research to the Innovation Challenge to design a concept of a branded voice assistant.