Interaction Designer

I'm passionate about utilizing accessibility and social design to create equitable experiences.

In the past, I've worked on Design Language Systems for USAA, created concepts for NASA, and created and distributed a design thinking game.

I'm a senior in Industrial Design at RISD, but currently, I'm studying abroad at UdK Berlin in the Product Design and Visual Communication departments.

Pendleton the Gecko ­čŽÄ and existential jokes ­čĄ» get me through the day.

Interaction Design

Work-in-Progress: Future of Work

My senior thesis project is a re-interpretation of the modern Luddite, and tools to stay relevant in the age of automation. How can individuals apply long-learned professional skills to other industries? How will the rapid automation of human mental capability affect this transition?

Design Language Systems

Product Design Internship with the DLS team at USAA. I designed and shipped UI components, and led a research project on Conversational UI and AI-branding.

Deep Space Science Vessel

The DSSV is a conceptual living space designed to explore deep space up to Mars or Venus. My team designed the individual crew quarter.

Peergrade: Redesign

Redesign of a peer grading platform, A/B user-testing, and guidance from Peergrade executives.

Frankenfix: Design Thinking Game

FrankenFix is a game designed to be affordable and to inspire creativity in kids.

Urbana: Democratizing Urban Planning

A case study app that allows citizens to stay informed and vote on nearby infrastructural projects.

KiraKira3D: CAD & Social media App

An app combining CAD and social platform to teach creative skills and engineering to generation Z youth. I designed the app and then helped develop and ship the product.

NURO: Epilepsy Monitor

A medical wearable device and sister app that helps epileptic patients monitor their neural health.

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